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    “Cannot open backup device ‘X:\destination’. Operating system error 5 (Access is denied.)”



    When a Clarity user attempts to create a SQL backup or restore from a SQL backup they get the following message “Cannot open backup device ‘X:\destination’. Operating system error 5 (Access is denied.)”, and the backup or restore fails.



    Paymate Clarity use SQL server to manage their data. The backups that are created by the Paymate Clarity software’s are themselves, SQL Backups.

    If the user account assigned to create the backups and run the SQL services does not have security rights, then the backup will fail.


    SQL 2000

    1. Open Enterprise Manager
    2. Right Click on the Database Instance and select Properties
    3. Go to the Security Tab
    4. Change the option “Startup service account” from “This account” ……to “System account”
    5. Restart the database SQL Services