Harmony’s Time and Attendance Module

Effortlessly track time

Have hourly employees or simply need a clock system? Harmony’s got you covered. Your employees can clock in and out, as well as track their own worked hours at any time. Whether you want to capture time through Harmony itself, imported from an Excel sheet or a time clock, or a combination of these, Harmony is flexible and easy to use.

Customize and manage PTO policies

Customize and assign your own PTO policies to your employees in Harmony T&A. The software can handle changes in policy according to the employee’s hire date and includes a beautiful visual calendar so you can keep track of your employees’ PTO!

Let your managers do everything for you

Approving timesheets and PTO has never been easier! Harmony includes custom approval paths to really fit what your organization needs. From having one level of approval to several, you can decide who approves what, in a few simple steps.

Increase your team’s productivity

Control where your team can clock in and out with Harmony’s GPS and location tracking capabilities. Trace your employees’ whereabouts to know exactly how and where their time is spent!

Sync with Payroll

Harmony Time & Attendance works well on its own, but can work even better when paired with our Payroll module. Your employees’ time is seamlessly imported into your payroll so you can process payroll quickly and easily!

Curious yet?

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