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Extended Feature List for Acclaim

Acclaim is our on-premise payroll solution that was specifically designed to address the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses in Canada. With a user-friendly interface and all the features you need to run payroll, Acclaim is a small package that can have a large impact on your payroll.

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  • Available in English or French 
  • Easy to learn – takes only an hour and a training video is provided 
  • Ideal for any province or territory in Canada 
  • Unlimited number of companies 
  • Advanced security and definable access limitations

  • Ability to change an employee’s time to different departments, cost centers, projects, or GL accounts 
  • Optional add-on to email paystubs and tax forms as password-protected PDF email attachments 
  • Print cheques and create direct deposit files in the same pay run 
  • Electronic funds transfer supported by all major banks and credit unions in Canada 
  • Optional file or seamless transfer of funds to Beanstream/Bambora
  • Ability to back up your own company data 
  • Check reconciliation or reversals

  • Several reports that can be printed or saved 
  • Produce ROEs and tax forms (T4s, T4As, RL-1s) in print or file format for upload to CRA (magnetic media transfer)

  • Interfaces with over 50 major general ledger packages
  • Interfaces with dozens of popular job costing packages 
  • Ability to import hours or amounts from files

  • Ability to mass update employee information 
  • Update federal and provincial TD1 information for your employees 
  • Detailed personnel information is available, including tracking of training, education, reviews, increments, skills, and benefits 
  • Notepad is available for important reminders

  • User-definable payroll calendar 
  • Unlimited number of payroll groups to accommodate different pay frequencies or pay dates
  • Unlimited number of customizable payroll categories – accruals, benefits, deductions, earnings to accommodate your payroll (e.g. bonuses, garnishments, expenses, etc.) 
  • Use of formula or lump sum calculations 
  • Track QPIP, FSS, and CSST/CNESST for Quebec 
  • Track and report WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe 
  • Vacation can be accrued or paid as earned 
  • Sick pay can be accrued at a variable rate per employee 
  • Set up one or multiple EI groups 
  • Flexible GL and department analysis 
  • Built-in integrity check to scan for duplicate records and recalculate year-to-date totals