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Streamline your processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance collaboration across teams with one of Paymate’s payroll and HR solutions. Elevate your construction projects with precision and efficiency, all powered by Paymate.

Available in English, French, and Spanish
Optional labor and job/equipment costing sub-module
Optional certified US payroll reporting sub-module

Key Features

Cost-effective pricing based on number of active employees
Ability to track project with multiple dimensions
User-definable interfaces to import and export information easily
Seamless integration with our Time & Attendance modules to reduce manual entry
Ability to track percentage of task completion for each project
Ability to calculate benefits upon hours worked for items like Vacation or Sick
Flexible for employees who work off-site (e.g. emailing paystubs, direct deposit payments, etc.)
Job cost allocation
Union payroll; Ability to handle multiple union agreements
Ability to change employee rates once a certain number of hours are accumulated
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