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Paymate can help meet the different challenges of education institutions, including managing your diverse staff - from full-time to part-time, teaching to support, and occasional to permanent personnel.

Available in English, French, and Spanish
Optional labor and job/equipment costing sub-module
Ability to manage multiple union agreements

Key Features

Cost-effective pricing based on number of active employees
Calculate staff burden rates and overhead costs
User-definable interfaces to import and export information easily
Seamless integration with our Time & Attendance modules to reduce manual entry
Unlimited number of earnings and deductions, including piecework, overtime, training costs, and more
Reduce and report on absenteeism – accurate time-tracking will identify trends and demand staff accountability
Track skills and competency levels, education, certification, training and development plans, and staff succession planning
Easily receive and approve staff time off requests, benefit plan changes, and updates to personal contact information through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) module
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