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Fisheries in Canada

Elevate your fishing enterprise with Paymate; We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the Canadian fisheries industry, especially when it comes to your ROEs and T4s. Streamline your processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance collaboration across teams with one of Paymate’s payroll and HR solutions.

Available in English, French, and Spanish
Process payroll per trip or per pay period
Track start & ends dates and different boats that employees work on

Key Features

Easily track the trips that your self-employed fishers go on using our labour add-on, including details like boats, jobs, tasks, and start/end dates of trips
Define your own import interface to import time worked from a CSV/Excel file or your current time-tracking system
Compatible with multiple compensation methods for employees, including pounds of fish caught or percentages
Issue earnings that are tax-exempt and include training allowance, salary, and benefits
Define your own EI rate, with the ability to overwrite system-generated values
Process payroll for multiple employees or sub-contractors
Flexible government reporting options, including Indigenous/Aboriginal reporting
Assignment of pay codes to Indigenous or Fishery boxes for T4s, including 32, 69, 71, 78, 79, and 80
Use the reports provided right out of the box to fill out your ROEs
Generate T4s for the year with ease – you can report earnings in one or if required, two T4 slips at no additional cost
Compatible with PPIP boxes on T4s for fisheries in Québec
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