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Municipalities & Townships

Streamline your processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance collaboration across teams with one of Paymate’s payroll and HR solutions. Elevate your construction projects with precision and efficiency, all powered by Paymate.

Available in English, French, and Spanish
Supports complex benefits, including OMERS
Optional job and cost allocation to multiple dimensions

Key Features

Cost-effective pricing based on number of active employees
Compatible with different pay frequencies – weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, yearly/annual(ideal for honorariums)
Easily process payroll for volunteer fire fighters and councillors, in addition to part-time workers or summer students
Seamless integration with our Time & Attendance modules to reduce manual entry
Unlimited number of earnings and deductions, including piecework, overtime, training costs, and more
Supports advanced cost allocation – whether you want to allocate costs to different departments or whatever other cost centres
Supports export of cost allocation for your general ledger accounts, such as Munisoft
• Easily receive and approve staff time off requests, benefit plan changes, and updates to personal contact information through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) module
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